Ultrasonographically guided
transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy

  • World first procedure with visual controlled access to the abdominal cavity
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Safe access to female pelvis
  • Visual examination of female pelvis (including tubal patency examination)
  • Minor surgical procedures (ovarian drilling, endometriosis coagulation, adhesiolysis)
  • One use instruments

UTHL Introduction

Ultrasonographically guided transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy (UTHL) is a first line procedure used mainly in infertile patients to examine the pelvic status and patency of tubes. Access to the abdominal cavity is under ultrasound control (video). The tubo-ovarian structures and the posterior pelvis are visible optically and on ultrasound at the same time. UTHL is based on transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy (THL) and has a great potential in improving its safety. UTHL is a first line procedure in the examination of the tubo-ovarian complex, saving the need for diagnostic laparoscopy in many patients. The ease and safety with which abdominal access is rendered by UTHL assists in improving repeated evaluation procedures for the tubo-ovarian complex..

UTHL was developed in FERTIMED health care center, Olomouc, Czech Republic by Doc.M.D. Ales Sobek, Ph.D.